Forking hell

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I had a crash, bent a fork and so need to preplace it. Question is with what?

Bike is a flatbar specialized sirrus (about 3 or 4 years old) that uses v brakes.

If I can't source a genuine replacement part (eg. because they may only have used warranty spares) then how do I go about sourcing a fork?

My concerns are:

1. If I buy a fork at random, (and something like this kinesis fork appeals ... elID=15348) how do I know the geometery isn't going to suck (tracking and toe overlap potential issues becuase new fork differs from old?)

2. If I buy a nice fork can I likely use it if I buy a new frame in a year or 2? i.e. you have to cut the steerer I think, so will it fit a new frame?

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    I'm not sure about point 1. I think most forks are interchangeable to a degree but i'll leave it for someone with more knowledge to answer that one!

    As for 2. you dont have to cut the steerer right down, you can have it coming up slightly higher than the frame (I think around 30mm is considered the max, although at the time it sounded like bad chat from the shop mechanic!). If you have excess sticking over the top you can just get some spacers to fill the extra gap up between the frame and stem. Check Thats just the first one's I saw on around the Internet and you'll find lots of options.

    Also your new frame should require a steerer length thats drastically different, assuming that your current bike is the right size for you and the next frame is of the same size then there shouldn't be any problems.