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Ex Team Kona Chute Stolen in Lincoln

lofty21lofty21 Posts: 2
edited November 2009 in MTB stolen
Our garage was broken into the other night and they managed to take two of the five bikes that were in there, the two that WERE padlocked up!

One a minty green diamondback bmx and the other unfortunately, my Ex Team Kona Chute.
It was fully padlocked up inside the garage with a hefty lock but that didnt stop them.
It happened late Monday Night (2/11/09).
Police have been involved and are currently searching for it or any suspects, they have dusted for fingerprints but they havnt left any.

Its a very recognisable bike, in the 2002 team colours, baby blue and white two tone, with ex team sponsors logos all over it, very striking! It has marzocchi bomber forks, truvativ cranks, kona seat, but other than that it would be very easily seen.

If anyone has seen it anywhere in the country if you could let me know it would be very much appreciated. It was stolen from Lincoln, but it could be anywhere, if its not already been sprayed black or taken to a different country.
If you could keep your eyes peeled, that would be ace. There are only a couple of ex team chutes in these colours, if any, so it has a very sentimental value.

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