Bonty Rhythm Wheels - weight/quality?

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I've got a Trek Fuel Ex 8 (2009 model) that has Bonty Rhythm wheels (according to both the spec sheet and the stickers). My perception is the wheels are a bit more "flexy" than I'd like so I was thinking about treating myself to some new wheels.

Trouble is that I can't find out much about my current wheels. Aftermarket Bonty Rhythm are suffixed Comp, Elite etc. Are those fitted to the Ex8 equivalent to the Comp? Anyone weighed them (I don't have any scales)? Anyone else noticed flex problems or is it likely in my head (spokes feel like they have good tension)?


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    Not sure on the rhythm weights over the different categories. WMB had a wheel review (issue 99 August '09) which has the Elite at 891g (f) and 1053g (rear) = 1944g. Most reviews give the Rhythm range too much flex. My Hifi came with the Elites but i changed them quickly (bike tart - didn't like silver rims :) ).

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    Thanks. Looks like it might not just be my imagination (being the heavier side of 15 stone probably doesn't help with flex). The weight doesn't strike me as too bad and I'd probably have to spend a lot to get much better.

    I'm tempted by Hope Pro II (gold) with Stan's Flow, but unsure about the noise factor.