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Anyone in Middlesbrough had these bikes stolen in Middlesbro

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Was driving home today through some of the less desirable places in Middlesbrough and spotted 3 chavs on bikes.

1st bike was rigid single speed w/microdrive setup, blue with bright orange front wheel. No decals at all.

2nd bike was a White Identiti (possibly a Dr Jekyll) which had white wheels (halo combats it looked like) and white forks. Still had all decals on it so Im guessing it had been resprayed.

3rd bike was a Giant XTC in the old team colours (red, blue, black, yellow).

All were being ridden in the Abingdon Rd area of Middlesbrough today at about 4:07pm today. Bikes 2 & 3 were together, bike 1 was just around the corner. The 3 riders went separate ways. I have a basic description (what I can remember) of the 3 riders. All male, all dressed like chavs. One wearing one of those skiing hats chavs seem to have adopted wearing.

If its anyone on here that was actually riding them then sorry for having posted this up...but then again its your own damn fault for dressing like some dodgy little scrote.
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