cheap bike company?

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Hi, i got the following company and i was wondering if anybody bought from them before. they sell bikes cheap but i do not know if they are reliable. seems abit fishy.

Dear Sam,

Thanks for the mail.

Below is the quotation for the 2009 Model Transition Comp:

2009 Model Transition Comp....................................$1,339USD
Shipping Cost by FedEx.............................................$98USD

Kindly advise your interest and get back to us with your full delivery address for packaging and labeling for shipment asap

Kind Regards,

The Advertising Bike Company Ltd
No.1 Undercroft
York, North Yorkshire YO19 5RP
United Kingdom


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    What company is it? Don't recognise the bike name - tax and VAT will need to be added assuming you are in the UK.
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    Carlsberg don't make cycle clothing, but if they did it would probably still not be as good as Assos
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    unless I'm missing something, their website makes no mention of offering any bikes for sale..?

    it's always nice to get an email signed 'the management'......really personalises things...
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    Same here - I was wondering if the post was a sham to get an advert on here without it getting removed!
  • lol.nono. dont worry. precisely the website doesnt say anything. but the person sending the mail keeps saying they do sell bikes. might make a trip down to check them out. but they are so far away. im located in loughborough =(
  • Have you edited the address in any way? It certainly looks very iffy if you haven't. I'd be very wary of any website that doesn't even show you a picture of a bike. Plus they're talking about 3 wheel advertising bikes. Are you sure you're not paying that money to become a franchisee? I'd stay well away IMHO.
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  • alright thanks for the advise. i think i'll give the shop a miss. better to spend abit more getting a bike from a trusty dealer
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    sounds like a typical scam.

    why would a company in York use USD even if they sold bikes.

    If something seems to be too good to be true normally it is.

    could you PM me the mail address you got the mail from so i can check it is not used on this site.

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    why would a company in York use USD even if they sold bikes.

    Exactly - even if they are importing then surely they will convert the price to £ for UK sales? :?