Double crown on an enduro

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I've just put a pair of Junior T's on my 05 enduro and don't see what the fuss is about.

By moving the crowns down the stantions to the minimum line, they still have the 170mm travel but are almost the same distance from hub to head tube.

Roll on Cwm Carn this weekend to see how they perform.


  • P-Jay
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    An extra 20mm travel isn't going to upset the geo any, especially as you say you've droped the front so it's nearly the same.

    In fact your frame is the same (aside from some linkage bits at the rear) to an '08 S X Trail which runs 160mm up front.

    Just watch for the loss of stearing lock, also if you've taken off 36's to fit the Juniors you've gained travel, but lost a lot of ability, JT's are pretty shit forks.

    The 05-06 Endruo / 05-08 SX Trail frame is an awesome frame that gets used for all sorts. met a guy running Fox 40's and nye on 8"'s of rear travel (via some one-off shock mounts, longer shock and linkage) on his in the Alps and it was flying.