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First enduro

HortaHorta Posts: 64
edited December 2009 in XC and Enduro
I'm going to do the Brass Monkey in November, lucky me!

I know it's one of those questions that has a lot of variables, but what sort of average speed should I be looking at to get around as a vet in the 4 hour class?

On the road I do sportives and get into the silver and gold (just) time bands, but for an enduro what do I need to be doing?

Thanks for any help.
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  • rhyko7rhyko7 Posts: 781
    average speed will depend upon conditions and course so i wouldnt worry about any statistical data, just ride the pace you are comfortably fast at without burning yourself out, i.e you dont want to be breathing heavily because you will be burning your carbohydrates away
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  • boneyjoeboneyjoe Posts: 369
    Really not sure, but I think about 15-20kph is about right for an endurance event? Faster=you're a pro; Slower=you're not really trying now are you! Agree though that its better to focus on effort / heart rate, and speed in the conditions will take care of itself.
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  • HortaHorta Posts: 64
    Cheers for that, I'll take my HRM and ride to that, see what happens!
    I must admit that I'm having going fast off road, at least it never feels that I'm going fast :oops:
    Let's see what happens when I get my race fase back on again, it's been a while, but I'm looking forward to it :P
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  • SiLancSiLanc Posts: 180
    If you ride to your HRM you'll probably terrify yourself! Ride as hard as you can on the day, if you're training fairly regularly you'll know how hard you can go and how long you can continue at that pace for and you should be able to recognise the signs of fatigue and back it off slightly to allow yourself time to recover.

    Hope that helps :)

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  • HortaHorta Posts: 64
    Well that was fun! The conditions underfoot were pretty foul, but everyone had to deal with that and physically I felt fine. What didn't help was losing my front brake after 30mins. New pads put in on Friday, with a quick ride around the streets to check them.

    The bike is still sitting in the back of the car, waiting to be cleaned and checked (next time I'll pay for the post race jet wash)

    So I managed 3 laps, before pulling out for safetys sake. I was running of course and hitting trees it was hugely frustrating. But I'm gonna have another go/

    Checking the HRM after the race was interesting as the average and max figures were exactly the same as the spinning classes I've been doing!

    That gives me another month to get bike and body sorted for round 2!
    better a has been, than a never was!
  • pjm-84pjm-84 Posts: 819

    I read somewhere that the ground was sandy and free draining. They also forget to add in between the muddy sections.

    Based on the "conditions" I ran a summer rear tyre with a Nobby Nic up front, both pumped nicely up at 40psi. I joked at my mate running mud tyres at 25/30psi.

    Like you I pulled out on lap 3. Both front and rears pads shot and more chain suck I could care to mention. New chain rings going on tomorrow.
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