Appropriate sentencing?


  • *gets can of worms, opens it*

    Yes, but where do you draw the line?
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    just above the shoulders :wink:
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    I don't really believe in capital punishment, but if anyone's going to get it a guy who raped (and murdered? Unclear) 5 children has got to be near the top of the list.
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  • Thats my dilemma ride_whenever. I always used to agree with an eye for an eye, but (very long story short) a friend is serving 11 years for repeatedly sticking a knife in someone (who Im advised by others isnt missed by anyone, no it doesnt excuse it, as I said long story short) and now it always makes me think twice. Although kiddy fiddlers and rapists should fed to large predators that are kept in zoos. Which will also help to keep their natural hunting skills up to scratch :lol:
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    An unusually merciful Saudi court - beheading then crucifixion, not the other way around.

    It is legitimate to judge a society on the way they treat criminals, disabled individuals, the terminally ill and a whole range of other issues affecting their citizens' rights.

    How would we like to see decapitated bodies hanging up in town squares in the UK as will happen in this case?
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    Of course it's appropriate. If that is the punishment in that country, then so be it. That is how justice works.