mavic wheels and spacer question

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do mavic ksyrium wheels need a spacer for a 10spd cassette ?.it just i tried tightening the cassette without a spacer but there is still play in the cassette.


  • John.T
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    For Shimano 9sp only the Mavic spacer is needed. For 10sp you need the thin Shimano one as well. For Campag non are needed.
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    I was going to post a similar question.

    I have Aksium wheels, currently I have a 9speed cassette on them, would I use just the one spacer for a 10speed cassette or 2?
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    You definatley need a spacer. I didn't have any problems with a 10 speed shimano cassette on Mavic wheels using just the Mavic spacer, but I couldn't comment on what the recommended advice is from Mavic or Shimano. I can just say it works for me! :)
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    I've answered this so many times, I think I'll get admin to make it a sticky ! :lol:

    Mavic Aksiums, Ksyriums & Cosmics have the Mavic M10 hub (unless they're Campag fit, when they have an ED10).
    This M10 hub is not a Shimano hub, it's a Mavic hub.
    It has the same spline pattern as Shimano & SRAM but it's wider than a Shimano hub because Mavic also sell a wider Campag-spaced cassette which fits it, allowing you to use it on a Campag bike.

    Thus to run Shimano or SRAM on it, you need a Mavic spacer, which is ca 3mm thick and has three notches in it (doesn't matter which way round these notches face, just fit on hub before the cassette)

    If running Shimano 8sp or 9sp, this is all you need, but if running Shimano 10sp, you *also* need a 10sp spacer
    - a Shimano 10sp cassette is actually narrower than an 8 or 9sp cassette, so to run one on a Shimano 8/9/10sp hub you need a thinner spacer, ca 1.5mm, which comes with the cassette.
    - so if running on the Mavic M10 hub, you need the Mavic thicker spacer because you're running Shimano on the M10 hub, *plus* the thinner Shimano spacer because it's 10sp.

    Some people have said that with a SRAM 10sp cassette, you can get away with just the Mavic spacer : dunno - try it and see.
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    That is a very big echo Andy. :lol:
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    Well John, there's you and me answering the same question from Bing on this thread... ... t=12638980
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