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Kona Lisa Stolen in Clifton Nottingham

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Had a Mountain Bike stolen on the 30th October 2009. It was attached to a frame on my car and parked on Arbutus Close, Clifton, Nottingham. Had just collected the bike from the shop as gift for my wife and was returning home to Yorkshire. I had just popped in to chat to a friend (expensive chat it turned out to be!)

I was gutted. Spent an hour or so driving around in hope of seeing someone with it. I would of gladly ran them over whilst they were on the bike if I had seen them

Description of the bike is a follows:

Kona Lisa (09)
White frame with blue stencilling
White Kona Wah Wah pedals
Frame number F911K4364

Not familiar with the Clifton area. I assume it will be hidden for a number of days then stripped for parts.

Has anyone had experience of bike theft in Clifton, Nottingham? What would you do if you saw someone riding your bike which had been recently stolen?


  • I live in Clifton and have had bikes stolen. I am also the person you emailed at the local bike shop and as such will keep an eye out for it.

    Keep an eye on ebay and gumtree too.
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  • Thanks Simon
  • Had some news about my Lisa. A guy walked into Evans Cycles a few days after the theft. He asked how much Kona Lisa's retailed for, as he had just picked one up for £300. The shop assistant asked him to bring it into the shop (knowing mine had been stolen) so they could value it for him. It has not been seen since.

    The guy had the name Morgan tatooed to his neck. I informed the local police about this and have not heard anything back.

    So if you live in Nottingham and know of a person with Morgan tatooed on his neck........
  • Given the information I have passed to the police, I am surprised I have not contacted me with an update. I was assured the information would be passed to the local beat officers for the area concerned and I expected a quick call to for them to confirm the details passed.

    It is understood that some information cannot be relayed, but some kind of update would be been good to show that they were being active in this matter.

    Recently there have been arguments over some private security companies. These companies are conducting patrols in neighborhoods to act as a deterrent against local crime. They of course do not have the powers of the police, but where the police are too busy for 'petty theft', or they are over stretched, these patrols could assist in preventing crime. They would also be a good source of intelligence gathering, aiding the police with evidence for convictions.

    Security firms in this role are filling the gaps left by the local bobby. Also the role played by adults of the community that would give potential young offenders a clip around the ear and report back to their parents.

    There are both positive and negative sides to private security firms in patrolling the local community. If regulated and working in conjunction with the local police, I am in favour of them.
  • Great news! :lol: My wife’s Kona Kula Lisa has been recovered. This took a lot of phone calls and putting the word out to everyone I could think off, including local bike shops. Thankfully it is in pristine condition :o

    Someone was trying to sell it off for £300 pounds :shock: apparently. As a prospective buyer was armed with my frame number and description, he was able to confiscate the bike :twisted: :x , but was unfortunate not to be able to grab the seller too :evil: .

    So we now have two bikes and in need of selling one. The other bike is a:

    Commencal Combi Deluxe (09) Would think that the Kona Kula Lisa is the better bike. Anyone have an opinion on this?

    Suppose it also depends on which bike my wife prefers really.
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