dream wheels... (well more than JUST wheels)

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OK, so a thread to drool on, what i want is a spec list on your dream bike. i can be stock, custom, custom frame even, anything, what would you get if money was no object! your only alowed one bike in this fantasy world though, so make it good, its all youl ever ride!
OK, mine to start
Frame: On-One 456 Ti
American classic All mountain wheels (in white!)
Rock shox Revelation 010 with black box and u-turn.
hope bb and Hset. easton monkey light bars with thompson 4x elite stem and post.
sdg bell air ti saddle
Hope M4 brakes
truvative deuse chainset with double and bash
shimano XT front mech rear mech and xtr cables and shifters.
Pro atherton grips.
Continental mountain queen 2.2 tyres.
charge chainstay protector.
shimano dx spd peds, or superstar pin pedals in black with red pins.
so, my dream build! lets see yours!
i actually think iv been quite good! its expensive, but you could spend alot more... maybe one day i will ride it......*stares into middle distance*
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  • weeksy59
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    Mine, simple really...

    Carrera Titan Carbon. In April i will buy it too.

    Anything else is an unrealistic dream therefore not on my radar.

    I can't grasp how you guys spend £2000-5000 or whatever on a bike... it baffles me.
  • joshtp
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    unreallistic dream, exactly, what is it! not what you will buy, but what you would have if there was no such thing as money, what you would have if you could have anything, for free.
    I like bikes and stuff
  • I wouldn't have specced it up like that!

    Probably a genius or a whyte for me actually proabbly an ibis mojo/mojo sl in nuclear orange, carbon trail bike suits me down to the ground.

    hope/cx-ray/stans wheels (white rims)
    CK headset and BB
    XTR cranks
    Middleburn rings (ceramic)
    one point stem
    tune seatpost
    fizik gobi
    xtr shifters/mech
    tech V2 brakes
    Monkeylite DH bars
    lockon grips
    PUSH'd suspension
    kmc chain
    mg-1 or superstar nano pedals
    blue anodising all round, chainring bolts, jockey wheels, pedal kit, piston caps, carbon levers

    Basically rather pimped and tarted up with blue parts on an orange frame.

    But tbh, i'm really lucky with the stable i've got at the moment.
  • joshtp
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    oooh, that is quite nice, maybe me spec needs a bit of pimping....
    ano red everything, jockey wheels, pedal pins, grip end caps.......... ti bolts.... red ano vever blades, brake piston caps...... custom ano'd fork stansions. and drop the thompson post sub with KS racing pro i900. keep the thompson 4x elite stem tho... run the tyres tubless. and have an xtr rear mech.
    OK, more bling added, my bike is now perfect.... if only it were real!
    I like bikes and stuff
  • P-Jay
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    2010 Cove G-Spot.

    Hope Pro2 / Mavic EN521's - My current wheels! Awesome
    Fox 36 Talas RLC
    Hope Tech M4's
    X0 Shifters and derailiers.
    XTR double chainset
    Point 1 podium pedals
    Chris King headset.
    Point 1 Split second 50 riser.
    Easton EC70 MonkeyLite CNT DH bars
    ODI lock-ons.
    Easton Carbon Seatpost.

    Assorted Shimano, SRAM, Maxxis consumables.
  • Crank brothers cobalt wheels and Chris King everything usually feature on my xmas list.

    Trying to explain to my wife why I need them though is a bit more tricky....
  • supersonic
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    My Zaskar with full XTR and Rev 2010.
  • Lapierre t 400
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    turner 5 spot in blue/silver
    Fox 32 float 140 FIT RLC
    truvativ noir crankset in gold
    XO rear mech in gold
    Sram pg 990 cassette in gold
    XTR front mech,cables,shifters,chain with yumeya bling bits
    formula R1 brakes 180 Fr 160 R
    Blue Hope Pro 2 hubs with sapim spokes on stans flows
    Chris King headset and bottom bracket
    thompson masterpiece stem and seatpost
    easton ea 70 bars
    fizik gobi saddle
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  • lawman
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    evil sect
    xx revelations
    10speed xx
    single ring xtr + mrp 1x
    easton carbon stuff, thomson stem
    industry nine in red with white stans
    tubeless 2.4 mountain kings
    formula the one

    just an absolute thrash bike tbh
  • supersonic
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    I have managed to spec a 9 speed hardtail that would weigh about 13lbs...
  • Dazzza
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    My bike with
    magura 100 sl durins
    fulcrum red metal zero rims

    I have pretty much everything else i could want.
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    Giant Anthem X
  • some kind of Ibis carbon with full XTR yuema drive chain and Fox 36s would be nice, but for now I'm happy with my Orange Five SE