Fleetwood Mac Live. Sheffield Arena.

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An evening with Stevie,John,Mick & Linsdsey + the rest of the backing musicians and singers.
Lindsey Buckinghams power on stage in a word awesome :!: His guitar work 8)
Mick Fleetwood on Drums , faultless .I reckon he would give any drummer you care to mention a run for his money.My missus said who's uncle Albert on the drums :lol: .
John Mcvie on Bass.Along with Mick 40 years +driving the Mac ,He keeps it happening.
Stevie Nicks .Still an angel.

The audience mostly 50+ So we fitted in. :wink:

IF you can get tickets .....Go and see .


  • My grandmother (81) went, she said it was brilliant!
  • beverick
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    I missed that one - bugger. Co-incidentally I've just re-found their 1980 'live' album courtesy of Itunes. Irrespective of just how much you like their music it's still one of the best produced live albums I've heard.

  • i'd rather jack, than fleetwood mac
    'dont forget lads, one evertonian is worth twenty kopites'
  • bagpusscp
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    i'd rather jack, than fleetwood mac

    Careful it sends you blind. :wink:
    Now where did I leave my glasses.
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    Not too sure about Micks tub thumping prowess. I think he's a bit "Charlie Watts"....saying that if you've been doing it as long as he has your gonna be pretty handy.

    Lindsey Buckingham is a fantastic guitarist tho.