Bike Storage

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Having converted my garage a few years back I now only have a 8' x 6' garden shed to store my bikes. Added to this the wife insists on keeping other stuff in there like garden chairs, tools and other unimportant stuff :shock: As a result I haven't got a lot of space for my bikes and a new one on the way. Can anyone recommend the best system for hanging bikes in a shed? I currently have one bike hung horizontally from a couple of hooks but I think to maximise space I need to get something in place to store them on their back wheels hung from their handlebars. All suggestions welcomed (have thought of kicking out the kids and storing the bikes in their bedrooms but the wife won't allow this :? :lol: )


  • I use these for hanging mine up. If you alternate the height it lessens the horizontal space used as the h/bars dont clash. These suspend them from the roof if you have the clearance.
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