Travel increse options for kona dawg ?

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Hi all,
Want to increase travel on my 04 dawg matic, aiming for a more freeridey bigger hit set up.

Obviously the front end is simple - bigger forks, but on the rear im not sure if I can just fit a longer stroke shock as im sure one of the higher specced dawgs came with 5" travel instead of 4" but im unsure whether the linkage plates were different ?

I have found some linkage plates from a company called BETD, would these be the answer to my problem ?

They seem quite expensive for what they are but obviously a cheaper option than a new bike or even a new shock for that matter, would my fox float stand up to a bit of extra abuse the added travel would encourage with these plates fitted ?


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    the longer travel versions 2005 year had a different frame or atleast a different backend..I suggest the Konaworld forum for more info.
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  • Well i've just had a look on bikepedia there, and it states all the dawg models that year 04, (dawg matic, dawg, dawg dee-lux and dawg primo) were 4" travel so im not sure where I heard different. I might of heard it mentioned but they got the years mixed up ?