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Can someone reccomend me some 140mm forks for downhilling? i want them for my 05 kona scrap

what's the maximum travel i could run on my bike aswell? would it be about 140 tops?


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    I would not go over 130mm and that is pushing it as it is a 100mm dirt jump frame.

    something like the new Tora Trail forks with the U turn 85/130mm would be suitable for the bike
    Or maybe an older Marzocchi Z1 fork ate 130mm but you may need a new hub/wheel with a 20mm axle.
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  • how much are they?
    what travel?
    and i need something cheap.

    Do you mean the ones on chainreactioncycles?
  • yeah i was thinking of getting a new wheelset as my halo is really heavy and the front wheel is buggered.

    i need cheapish forks something from last year and preferably on crc as it's cheaper.