Looking for winter riding trousers....

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Can anyone recommend a pair of trousers that are breathable while giving a level of rainproof resistance?


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    Trust me trousers can be very warm and sweaty,however breathable the manufacture states.Ive always worn tights on there own or under water proof shorts,this IMO gives me the best winter protection for offroad riding.

    If it was a short journey to work etc then water proof trousers may be of benefit.
  • Yeah thats an option. when you say tights do you mean cycling legging type trousers?

    The main reason I want something is for trail riding in poor weather. I don't want to be a fair weather trail rider but don't want to spend a hour or two soaked through frozen either!

    tights wise do you mean something like these:

    http://www.evanscycles.com/products/nor ... s-ec016461
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    i got a pair from aldi - i think they are by crane. there excellent.
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    Have a look at the Tenn leggings on this page....

    http://www.tenn-outdoors.co.uk/shopping ... t=Leggings

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    I have a pair of THESE and can highly recommend them. They are warm without making you sweat like an Afghan election official and whilst they aren't waterproof the teflon coating makes them resistant enough to make most winter riding bearable.
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    Wiggle has its own brand of clothing called DHB and I own a set of 3/4 length bib's plus a set of full length winter bib's.Well priced and will keep you warm and dry for the most part.Remember get a pair with a nice pad to keep your bum from chaffing.
    Lycra dry's quicker than other materials and the brushed fleece lining on the winter specific leggings keeps you warm even when wet.
    Ive also got a pair with waterproof/windproof panels to the front and winter lycra panels to the rear to keep you from over heating.

    IMO wet saggy waterproof's flap about and slow you down.
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    I bought a pair of Cannondale Grind trousers a few weeks back, either CRC or Wiggle had them on special for £30, and I think they're great for inclement weather/slower family rides/commuting. I'd not been convinced by wearing full trousers on a bike, but am a bit of a convert now! They're far from waterproof though, more like water resistant.

    I also use 3/4's with leg-warmers which I can take-off/put-on easily out on the trail over my shoes for really cold weather, but they're not so pleasant when it starts to rain and sleet but keep you toasty warm. Full tights and bid-tights don't do it for me I'm afraid.

    For ultimate protection I use a pair of RAB Latok trousers, they're completely waterproof and as breathable as you'll get, but they still get sweaty, however the full-length two-way side zips offer the best compromise I've come across in terms of venting and protection.
  • I bought some Endura singletrack riding trousers last year, they have extended my riding into the deepest winter. I never overheated in them as a used thm only on the coldest days. They are also very tough so survived the very muddy trailswell. I got medium which feel tight when off the bike, but just rightwhen riding.
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    another vote for the cycling tights. They offer some rain resistance and keep you warm on the cold days. The goods ones will have variable thickness in the correct places to keep you warm but not boiling. there are many to choose from depending on budget but I can personally recommend wiggles own brand DHB for the low-mid budget area.
  • Just have a nice tall glass of MTFU before you leave the house. :lol:

    Has anyone tried those "Rain Legs" things? Do they work?

    Personally, I'm a Shorts all-year-round kinda guy, and I find that the only bit that's uncomfortable when riding in heavy rain are the tops of my legs.

    I've tried the waterproof thing, (both trousers and shorts) and neither really worked for me, I found my legs just sweated more, meaning I was just as wet as if i'd not bothered.