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Double and bash vs double and no bash, 32 vs 36t?

NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 15,475
edited October 2009 in MTB general
Sooo... It's become obvious that my big ring is only there to put notches in tree roots and scratches in rocks... I've hardly used it, and on the rare occasions I do I'd be in the lower end of the cassette so still within the ratios that a double can cover. And now it's a bit of a funny shape. So, it's coming off.

But, what to replace it with?

First option is- absolutely nothing. Just 2 rings and no bash. Ground clearance and light weight (saves 84g or so on the big ring with SLX, and no bash ring weighs nothing ;) But, will I find problems with losing the chain off the middle ring? I don't expect it but I've not tried it yet.

Second option is, obviously, double and bash. Protects the chain and middle ring, adds a bit of weight... Looks mean :lol: I think I'll only go with this if people reckon I'll have problems with just the double, I don't really expect to ground out the middle ring very often on the Soul, suppose it might happen though...

Then, the other question is gearing... Easy option is to keep the stock SLX 22/32. Free! Does reduce the the maximum gear, obviously, and gives more overlap in the gears I'm keeping.

Other option seems to be 22/36. I run with a 34/11 block so that'd still give a good range, and gets back some of the high gearing, so I think potentially makes the bike more overall useful- less overlap, more range. But I'd have to buy one obviously. Before I jump in, is it worthwhile?

Oh, lastly should I expect any setup problems with a regular XT bottom swing (FD771) mech and X9 triple shifter?

Any advice much appreciated here, I know enough to see that these all look like reasonable options but not enough to know what's going to work best...
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    26/36 or 28/38 and bash on both.

    or 26/38 and bash it all depends on how and where you ride.
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  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 15,475
    Is 22/36 too wide a jump then? I don't really want to lose my uber-low mincing gear :lol:

    Would you say the bash is a requirement?
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The XT mech may struggle with a 14t jump.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    SLX mechs are designed for that and only 2 rings.

    it is on Shimanos webby.

    Bash well personal, with more than one ring there is always a chance of damaging the teeth when in the lower cog.
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  • gezzzagezzza Posts: 324
    My XT mech handled my 16t jump when i ran 28/44 so 14 will be no bother, better still get a road mech and see what youve been missing out on.
  • rhyko7rhyko7 Posts: 781
    i run 32 36 with a crappy shimano deaore front mech and it works just fine, it changes up quite smooth, a bit noiser going down but still ultra quick. i run a bash guard to protect teeth and keep chain on, if your not riding really rocky stuff you can probably live without it.
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