What's the best quality L/S cycle jersey on the market?

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just wondering what's the best L/S cycle jersey on the market at the moment. I think its got to be either Assos or Rapha I guess? Although saying that, I see the Le Col L/S jersey today and the quality looks pretty good.


  • Mothyman
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    my prendas one is great quality - fine for autumn day wear - too warm for summer but i got the long sleeve version.

    i should declare i only have 3 jerseys to compare though

    (ps nicensleazy - where did the stranglers' keyboard player end up - is he still in the band or doing other gigs? It was his style that got me into them in the first place in 1981)
  • cougie
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    Love my Rapha jersey - too nice to cycle in tho ! :-)
  • Baytt
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    +1 for rapha

    got the long sleeve jersey, incredibly comfy and looks great.
  • DaSy
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    My favourite long sleeve jersey is my Rapha Winter Jersey. It works for cool to quite cold rides, and the zipped vents in the chest mean you can cool down if the day warms up.
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  • Scrumple
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    I have 2 from lidl, and they have pockets, and zips and everything. Just like the £70 ones.
    Mine cost me £5.
  • Jon8a
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    Just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's the best. If you believe expensive is better I've got a halfords Jersey you could have for £200. Most of them are made from old plastic bottles. I guess the best might be down to personal fit as much as quality.
  • derosa
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    Rapha Sportwool L|S jersey. Can't fault it.
    Sometimes you still get what you pay for.

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  • gkerr4
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    derosa wrote:
    Rapha Sportwool L|S jersey. Can't fault it.
    Sometimes you still get what you pay for.

  • just bought a Colomba long sleeve jersey, a good price, quick delivery, well made and fits great.Worn it a couple of times and I think it rates easily as well as Rapha kit, which I like very much.
  • Mister W
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    Define quality... I've just bought a merino wool jersey from On-one for £28. TBH it's a bit nice to wear when cycling so I might just pose around the house in it.
  • redddraggon
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    I like bikes...

  • mrushton
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    Rapha Winter or long sleeve jersey.
    Assos Intermediate or EVO 1

    All these 4 are good but each one is slightly different. Prendas always have some nice sensibly priced jerseys and GBCycles often have something onsale
  • cougie
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    Mister W - is that the On One kit that they were emailing about on Friday ? I've ordered one too.

    My bike wardrobe is a mix of makes - Rapha, Aldi and lots of others. Somethings are worth the money, others not. I favour my DHB shorts over the Assos ones, but everyones different.