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Returning to riding, need a bike, any suggestions?

RustynutzRustynutz Posts: 5
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Hi chaps,

I am returning to riding of sorts after quite a long absence 15 years or more!

I need to improve my fitness so have been told to do some cycling.

I want to get a turbo trainer to help with this but will also need a bike, I like the idea of getting something in steel, any suggestions?

I am hoping I can get something for around the 500-600 mark but can you guys advise?




  • skyd0gskyd0g Posts: 2,540
    You may struggle to find a steel bike (new) for your suggested budget. Most bikes are normally made of aluminium, until iro £1k when you get carbon.

    Does your budget of £500 - £600 include "extras" such as the turbo you mention, clothing, helmet etc?
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  • Hi Sky,

    The budget stated is just for the bike, I only intend using the turbo, so no helmet needed!

    So, is there a bike you could perhaps recommend?


  • If you're only EVER going to use it on a turbo why spend so much? You're not going to appreciate the differences that bikes will offer you between groupsets, wheels, frames etc. However if you do intend to take it on the road at some stage in the future then it's a different matter.

    If it helps, and you end up spending that much then something like a Trek 1.2 or a Specialized Allez would be good starting points.
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  • carefulcareful Posts: 720
    something like a Trek 1.2 or a Specialized Allez would be good starting points.
    +1 to that. Sorry if this sounds sniffy but a £500 new bike is going to be very low end and not always worth upgrading. FWIW If I was limited to a budget of £500 I would look for a decent second hand bike. You might need some help in choosing though (size, type, gearing, condition etc). Do you have any keen cyclist mates who might help you find something suitable.
  • I'm afraid I don't have any cyclist mates, and also, what I failed to mention in my original post is that I am in one of the remotest parts of the west of Ireland, so there aren't many 2nd hand bikes available, in fact in the national freeads, there are only a handful of bikes and not any within about a 4 hour drive!
  • Have to chime in with a +1 for the Specialized Allez... the sport version is £599.

    It would sadden me to think of it just used as a indoor turbo trainer bike though as its a pure unadulterated pleasure to ride on the roads.. I feel like a superhero powering up hills that previously made me sweat just thinking about them!!!
  • The roads round here aren't very safe, and I just want to get fit.

    Also, is this forum rather elitist about bikes? people telling me not to bother getting a new bike if it's under 5-600 quid?

    Not everybody is fortunate enough to spend a lot of money on a bike.
  • It can be a bit elitist, but you'll get plenty of people wanting to help and give you advice. There's nothing wrong with a bike of £500-600 but you'll find the group sets are not as good and may not last as long, and work as well/smoothly, as some higher priced bikes, just like everything else in life really.
    It's all about buying what suits you, what your wallet can afford, and what your needs are. As I said previously, if you're never going to ride it on the road, then something for £300 will suit you fine, but if you plan to get out there then invest the few hundred extra and get one of the bikes previously mentioned and you'll find it great on the trainer, and even better on the road.
    Good luck
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  • lmk1lmk1 Posts: 95
    i have a specialized allez sport and it's a good bike well worth the price, some have commented on the wheels letting it down but to start with i'm sure it'll suit your needs. Personally i find turbo sensions mindnumbingly boring and even in the winter need to break these up with occasional trips out on the road. the roads round me are equally busy but timing your rides and planning your route would help.
    Finally if you are using a turbo frequently you may need a turbo specific rear tire as they are more robust. ordinary road ones will overheat and puncture with any lenghty exposure to the turbo.
    good luck and don't restrict yourself to a turbo as in time/ come the spring i'm sure you will be eager to be out in the fresh air!
  • If your not going to get out on it would you not be better getting a spinning bike or something like that ?

    As for bikes I got a trek 1.5 for my first bike. I still ride it now its a lovely bike I'm sure the 1.2 willl be quite similar.
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