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My Scott Scale

CrankmeisterCrankmeister Posts: 274
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Here is a link to some pics of my scale


  • andy46andy46 Posts: 1,666
    nice bike you have there 8) some nice little touches on it too. i was thinking about getting one of those saddles myself, how do u find it, comfy?
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  • Thanks Andy.The saddle is really comfortable the Scott one left me sore after rides so it had to go.
  • what hubs are you running with those olympic rims?
    lovely bike
    I assume this is French petrol - be careful in reverse - the car will retreat rapidly at the least provocation.
  • lawmanlawman Posts: 6,868
    niceeeee, how much does it weight??? i love xc bikes but i just break them :twisted:

  • what hubs are you running with those olympic rims?
    lovely bike

    The hubs are Tune King/Kong hubs they are very light.
    I,m not sure how much the bike weighs as yet but i,ll be weighing soon to find out
    Cheers to all for kind comments
  • Looking good, enjoy it.
  • BigheadBighead Posts: 260
    Hi nice bike.

    Did you weigh the handlebar?

    How do you get on with the rear hub? I have heard of many reliability issues with Tune's rear disc hubs. Once the new DT carbon rims are out I was going to lace them to a Tune Princess front hub but stick with Chris King for the rear, even though it is a bit heavier.
  • well rear hub is holding up well so far.but i dont jump the bike and i weigh in it at 185 lbs
    the handle bar and stem combo weigh 240 grams ish if i remember correctly their is lighter set ups out there but i got them at a real good price.i my opt for a lighter set up and demote them to the girlfreinds bike in the future to save a few more grams :roll:
  • BigheadBighead Posts: 260
    being able to demote a one piece carbon stem and handlebar is a good position to be in! I was thinking of changing my ritchey stem and easton ec70 combo when I upgrade the other parts of my bike. Ideally I would like something a bit wider and lighter and it looks like a syntace might be the way forward
  • The Syntace F99 stem? i just wouldnt know where to find one here in the UK?
    Ive been looking at the Extralite stuff very light yet exspensive and also KCNC stuff light yet affordable.
  • BigheadBighead Posts: 260
    I was thinking of the Syntace handlebars. As for the stem, I would like something stiffer than my Ritchey but without a big weight penalty. I thought 31.8mm might be the way to go, but I wasn't convinced when I had a go on a Thomson stem in that size.
  • CarbonCopyCarbonCopy Posts: 492
  • CarbonCopyCarbonCopy Posts: 492
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