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Am i just unlucky?

jockyfoostjockyfoost Posts: 63
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I've had my first serious accident. Out for a 30 mile jaunt 2 weeks ago and in taking the safer route home i came round a corner and hit a patch of diesel.
I don't remember a thing about it as i was knocked out (I'm told not for very long). I was taken to hospital where it was found i had badly and very painfully bruised my right elbow, chipped a tooth, had a large laseration to my cheek and smaller ones to my chin, neck and leg. After 3 days in hospital things are healing fine after an infection in the road rash on my leg. Arm still to sore to get back on bike. :(
The thing is i can remember the corner before i fell off and i know i was going at less than 10 mph. The wife says she won't stop me going out again but she's really worried about my safety now and i'm quite surprised by the amount of pain i've had for a very low speed crash. Getting out again doesn't really bother me as i don't remember ever having a crash. I desperately miss it though.
Do you think i've been unlucky with the injuries i've had?


  • STEFANOS4784STEFANOS4784 Posts: 4,109
    Were you wearing a helmet? Just it seems very unlucky if you were.......
    Sorry to hear about your off mate, either way, diesel is a right censored from all accounts :)
  • Don't surprised about the pain vs speed factor jocky. In most cases the slower the speed the harder we fall. The faster we fall the further we slide!!

    Glad to hear you're on the mend. :)
    Bald is Beautiful
  • Jockyfoost, ANYONE who has an accident is unlucky, and to have a biggy at slow speed doubles the unluckiness, plus infected road rash from a 10mph tumble makes it treble unlucky. On the other hand, being able to tell the story and get back out on a bike is double lucky. And not remembering it is also lucky, so I reckon you're even. Until you take the pain and hospital food into account, and then you're comprehensively back in the unlucky box.

    Seriously, though, you've been dead unlucky and I hope you get back to 100% very quickly.

    How's the bike? Any thoughts on the helmet debate? (Only asked the second question because you didn't say and it sounds as though you landed on your face, which a helmet wouldn't have protected anyway.)
  • STEFANOS4784STEFANOS4784 Posts: 4,109
    Not on about helmet debat incidentaly, but when i've come off i've done the classic broken collar bone which now sticks out, and have had a fair few scrapes but my helmet has always saved my face, just curious, as if you were knocked out then maybe you didn't have the reaction to put your hands down and try the ol' tuck and roll :wink: .

    Anyway to more pressing matters.......Did your bike walk away :wink::)
  • Yes i did have a helmet on and the doctor told my wife i probably wouldn't be here had i not had it on. As for the bike the right lever was moved inward and left one had top name plate missing. All fixed now and i've even bought a new helmet. All ready to go when my arm sorts itself out.
    Still, only one crash in 10000 miles not bad but i don't know if it's worth buying lottery ticket for tomorrow though.
  • NWLondonerNWLondoner Posts: 2,047
    jockyfoost wrote:
    Still, only one crash in 10000 miles not bad but i don't know if it's worth buying lottery ticket for tomorrow though.

    Sods laws you'll win then the wife will divorce you ( :D / :cry: ) delete as appropriate :shock:

    Glad you survived though. Not looking forward to the Winter season with the black ice and diesel :roll:
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