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I had a short practice session on some drop-offs on Wednesday (1-3 ft), but noticed on the larger drop-offs that I would lose contact with the pedals (but not so badly as to bail out). How should I improve my technique to keep my feet on the pedals? Maybe there's a common reason for this?

EDIT: Thought I'd clarify, these are the sheer drop-offs, landing x feet below, rather than going down a steep slope.


  • nonnac85
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    Pull the front wheel up so the bike is level as you take off rather than letting the bike drop away from you.
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  • Point your toes down and scoop backwards on the pedals to keep the rear end up.

    More here.
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    Make sure you have your weight on the pedals and not on your backside, drop your seat if possible.
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    The bike's naturally going to fall at the same speed you do, so if you're coming away from the bike it's not something that you're failing to do- it's something you're doing that you shouldn't. Though exactly what it is in your case, fraid I don't know :lol: A lot of people seem to "push" down on the pedals as they drop as if to get the bike down faster, but pushing the bike down naturally pushes you up. I used to jerk up on the bars and that pushes the rear end downwards, similiar sort of thing.
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    So, looks like I may be pushing the pedals away without realising it. Could it be caused by me straighening my legs out after leaving the lip? Whether I actually do this, I don't know.
  • Butters wrote:
    So, looks like I may be pushing the pedals away without realising it. Could it be caused by me straighening my legs out after leaving the lip? Whether I actually do this, I don't know.

    Nah I don't think that'll be it as you're meant to extend your legs a bit anyway in order to absorb the impact. Are you landing front or rear wheel first?? (Or both at the same time)
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    I don't know quite how I land, wasn't really paying attention to it, was focusing on not flipping off the lip; obviously, did my best on launch to ensure the bike left the lip level.
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    need a slo mo video or something to diagnose you affliction. :lol:
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    you dont pull up on a bike you push through and up!
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    As always, Jedi knows his onions! Go play on a kerb until you've gotten it right.

    Website looks superb Jedi. Bike still a deeper shade of black?
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    of course! :):)
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    The demo's front end is still attached to the back end?
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    of course it is. :):)
  • Hi Butters

    I would advise you to keep your heals down as you're in flight. It should help you feel like your feet stay connected to the bike. Also when you land it should feel load more secure than if your toes were pointing down. You should also stay supple and relaxed, if you stiffen up it will have the effect of making your body want to take it's own trajectory seperately from the bike. Lastly if you find the bike turning under you, this is usually because you have one heal down and heal up.

    Hope this helps?
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    sorry, but once in the air your feet always point down to the landing.
  • id say it depends how fast your going... if your going fast then your not going to need to work as hard on keeping the front wheel level with the back on landing.
    If your going slow then id say you need to lean back abit in order to keep the front wheel higher once its over the end. Then try to keep your heals slightly back. Hopefully you should either land flat, or land with your back wheel slightly before your front. Front wheel landings arent pretty though =/.

    also had a little look around, and found this:

    hope i helped :)
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    Some drop-off motivation for ya...
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    iirc, that's supposed to run out into a lake??
  • If it doesn't, i bet the first words when he saw the drop were "shhhhhhiiiiii......"
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