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DJ / 4x frame

AGrayAGray Posts: 49
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Hey, I've been reading the forum for quite a while and it is great. So many great threads with great reviews, tips and pointers.

Anyway, I'm looking for some further advice. I currently own a Specialized Enduro 09 and I use that for hitting all the trails around here and doing some competitions for fun.

I've never properly hit dirt jumps and I've got some money set aside, so I am wanting to build a light hardtail that can take punishment so I can use it to learn how to jump properly and it'd be good if I could also use it for firing down some fast trails/4x/pump track stuff. To hit the trails with it i'll have to be able to climb on the bike. I'm 6ft 3 so I was thinking this might be a bit of a problem?
Just tell me if i'm not being realistic and that kind of bike doesnt exist!

I have £1000 to spend and i'd prefer to get a frame, set of wheels or some other parts for the grand - not just a frame.



  • AGrayAGray Posts: 49
    open to full sus suggestions aswell :D

    such as Transition DirtBag or BottleRocket - what are these like for jumping?
  • at your height it's always going to be a compromise, 4X and jump frames are small and generally built in either long or short versions in relation to the top tube. I'm 6'2" and was looking at similar frames recently most are about 15" seat tubes, meaning you'd need to have a full 400mm seat post just tucked in at the minumum iine and still probably find it hard to pedal propperly.

    My suggestion would be to look at things like the Santa Cruz Chameleon, Cove Stiffee or Dialled Alpine for tough trail bikes, or if you're set on a 4X type frame, there is the Dialled Holeshot, Commencal 4X, or Giant STP.

    The trail bikes will be better all round, but the size of the 4X bikes will make jumping easier. Jumping is easier to learn on a hardtail and will give you better technique.
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    I've built a dj frame up for trail riding and it is just a censored , the geometry isn't really right.

    That said, something like a scott voltage frame with either some 130mm forks you can wind down or some bolt through 100mm forks would be really nice. Set it up with a single ring and bash as well as nine/ten gears on the back. Hope hubs and mavic 721 rims with dt double butted spokes would be perfect. Nice long seatpost as you can drop them right down, but still get a good height on the gits. Fairly long stem, say 60mm with nice wide bars (around 700mm) and some good brakes, avid elixir 5's come to mind as uber-powerful and pretty and cheap.

    A quick look:

    frame £500
    dj 2 £150
    elixir 5 £135
    then £300 for 721 on hope hubs with dt db spokes from merlin.

    that would be a pretty tasty start!
  • ns surge all the way :)
  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    or possibly dual ring/bash if you really want to trail ride on it.
  • AGrayAGray Posts: 49
    Cheers for the replies, I'm looking over the frames you've suggested and getting full specs on them.

    I think the main problem is going to be making sure that I can still pedal on the bike properly for the uphills.
  • xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965
    Another option is this frame and fork for cheaper:
    Brave Machine 66 Frame 2009 - £280
    Rock Shox Argyle 318 - £280 ---- or
    Rockshox Argyle 302 - £215
  • JamesBrckmnJamesBrckmn Posts: 1,360
    transition double?
  • legolego Posts: 769
    If you've got a grand, why don't you buy a complete bike? Identitti jekell? 24/7 Substance geared?
    Just an idea.
  • AGrayAGray Posts: 49
    I'm really wanting to build one so that it is spec'd perfectly for what i'm wanting to do.
    Also i've never built a bike before so it something I want to start doing, Cheers for the suggestions - the 24/7 substance looks like a crackin bike for the money!
  • AGrayAGray Posts: 49
    Currently looking at the Cove Stiffee, seems to be a really solid frame which can do everything I'm needing - Jumps, XC and FR

    What are your opinions on it? Is it suitable for jumps, as i'm going to start learning how to jump on this bike aswell as using it as a trail bike.
    I'll be going for a dual ring/bash and 100-150mm adjustable forks that I can wind down for the jumps.

    I'm 6ft 3 and looking for suggestions on what frame size to go for:

  • Really depends on your preference, I'm 6'2" and prefer my bikes a bit smaller so would either go for the 17.5" or 19", but I like a longer top tube. if you have a bike now go with the frame with the nearest TT to what you have currently if that feels right, if not go up or own a size, simples.

    The bike will be fine for what you want I used to do jumps on a Handjob which is their steel XC bike, they're tough as old boots IMO.
  • joshtpjoshtp Posts: 3,966
    charge blender high.
    you can get the whole bike for a grand, and its got a proporly stunning speck, you could win a 4x race on it. its also a stunner of a looker...
    I like bikes and stuff
  • Im 6.3 and I ride a medium Cannondale Chase, it is small but that is the point, very quik and they are a bargain atm mine was 600 for full bike, commencal look good too. Guys rite tho not really a long ride bike and the seat post would be very long to make sitting and pedaling doable. BMX track, jumps, street its awesome tho.
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