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Strong bike and Strong Wheels - advice needed please ;-)

BUG5YBUG5Y Posts: 8
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As per my post in the buying advice section I'm looking for advice on a setup that can take me around China.

I'm not the smallest of people 1.88m tall and 112kg though I expect to get my weight down to 95kg before I leave. Plus all my kit, mostly camping clothes, food & water, So riding weight around 120-125kg,

In my original post, someone suggested I post in this section.



  • if you are happy to buy a bike in china then most big towns have at least one or 2 GIANT brand shops, and should be able to get a few spares as well

    i have toured so can put you in touch in shanghai, also seen shops in urumqi, kashgar, know there are ones in langzhou, chengdu and qinghai region ie greater tibet out side the tar.

    you can buy a basic no suspension mtb style bike for 100 quid with a rack, yes not the best and is a little undergeared (walked v steep hills at 4500meters ) but has old fashioned bb and is all steel so can be repaired/ wont be bothered when local b street side bike mender takes a hammer to it, is also strong i did short 1200 km tour camping equipment through mountains rough road i am 95 kg

    also no shipping hassle, and no costs either as same as bike, then you can probably sell it for around 50 quid before you leave

    in this event would take own saddle and good quality puncture protection tyre with you.

    you can get carbon and higher end alumtbs, also trekking style bikes see

    use babel fish for translation, this has a shop list only in chinese
    also contacts lanzhou

    Here is some informaiton of Giant store in Lanzhou:

    捷安特(兰州)专卖店 兰州 兰州市金昌南路298号 ( lanzhou city ,jincang nan lu 298 hao) 0931-8836823

    捷安特(兰州)专卖店 兰州 兰州市西固区庄浪西路1118号(Lanzhou city, xigu qu ,zhuanglangxilu 1118hao) 0931-3560922
    捷安特(兰州)专卖店 兰州 兰州市嘉峪关西路828号(lanzhou city, jiayuguan xilu 828hao) 0931-8652611

    and xining biggest tibetn monastery town out side TAR quote There is a Giant bike store in Xining. It is located nNan Xiao Jie. useful contact so ggoglre them Lete Youth Hostel in downtown Xining.
  • I suggest you get panniers before you go - a good make that won't fall apart during the trip. You can get used ones on eBay - such as Carradice, Karrimor or Ortlieb - and I also suggest a handlebar bag for stuff you need at hand, like suncream, a camera etc.

    Buying the bike there will mean you don't have a real chance to try it out and tweak it to your liking. Again, look on eBay. Don't fret about your weight - you are smiliar to me - and I have a steel-frame mountain bike, without suspension, and suggest you focus on the rear wheel. Try to get one with 36 spokes, preferably a wheel that has been handbuilt by a good builder. The frame won't snap, unless you are going to fling yourself don't a ravine or two.
    It's an uphill climb to the bottom
  • BUG5YBUG5Y Posts: 8
    I don't really want to leave buying a bike until I get to China, yes, I know I will pay more here but I have to have confidence before I start that my bike will make it, barring unforseen accidents of course.
  • It's an uphill climb to the bottom
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