Shimano 11 - Tooth Cassette

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First Post, hello all!

My problem -
I've got a road bike I built up from parts I begged/borrowed/bought off ebay, the troubling bits are -
Shimano Sora 8-Spd Sti shifters
Shimano 11-32 8-speed cassette
Shimano 105 rear mech
Shimano Tiagra Compact 50-34 Hollowtech 2 crankset

the problem is the rear cassette - it's really for a mountain bike and badly needs replacing with a narrower set of gears.
Does anyone know of a shimano / shimano compatible 8-speed cassette with an 11-tooth cog? I'd really like to keep the 11-tooth if possible to give a better top-end with the compact chainset. All I can find are in the 12-23/24/25/26 range and it's driving me mad.



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    How worn is the 11 tooth sprocket? Could use a 12-23 or 12-25 and swap out the 12 for the 11?
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  • Of course - obvious answer! Well, obvious now that you mention it and I've done some extra googling and found out shimano rear cassettes do come apart.
    That's the trouble with google - it only tells you what you search for not what you really need to know, it takes someone who knows what they are talking about for that.

    Thank you