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Not a pleasant topic to talk about or admit to but smelly pits in cycle tops. I ride twice a week, and wash all my clothing without fail as soon as i'm back. I've been wearing a short sleeve and long sleeve top just recently and i'm normally very sweaty as soon as the ride is finished.

Does anyone know of anything to wash or soak lycra tops in to make them slightly more bearable. Both my tops are in perfect condition so dont really want to be getting rid of them, but i also dont want to be making the next guy's eyes smart who is following me :oops:



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    Man made stuff does usually smell, don't think there's much bar a good wash that you can do about it.

    Merino tops on the other hand hardly smell at all, even after a week of camping/cycling in summer the top I was wearing still pretty fresh.

    The smelly bacteria have trouble sticking to the fibres in merino tops, unlike man made tops which even when they have treatments on them the bacteria can stick to more readily, hence the smell.
  • may be worth giving a different detergent a whack, maybe using a biological instead of a non-bio? At least you can get wee packs to give it a go. Also might be worth making sure you are washing it at as high a temp as you can. I know that this is not green, but if the water is warmer to gives the enzymes more chance to get stuck in.

    When we first moved to CH, I found that our original choice of washing powder did bugger all to shift niffy smells, or in fact even clean that well, but a change sorted it out.

    I know it doesn't help with your current stuff, but merino wool kit really is incredible, if you haven't tried it out I can also highly recommend it. No smell at all. baaa.
  • Cheers for the replies guys, maybe Bio is the only possible way to go with my tops. With Christmas coming up it may be worth having a look at Merino Tops, i might be able to pursuade Santa to bring me one!!! :)
  • Just a quick thought, are merino tops suitable for summer riding as well?? or just winter?? as i'm reading specs of them on the web and their saying excellent insulating properties......
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    Merino works all year round, beautifully!
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    With man made fibres you can usually wash at a higher temp i.e. 60 degrees as they dont have the same shrinkage rates as most natural fibres (although mind and check the label!)which should get rid of the worst of it. otherwise a good squirt of toothpaste in with the washing powder can help. ive heard white vinegar is good but not entirely sure it wouldnt end up smelling worse!
  • go Merino! Fine except for when it's mega-hot, and even then it's only a matter of degree (i.e you're mountain biking in the hot sun, you're going to get hot!).

    A while ago I posted that I'd done 2 9 mile runs and 2 15 mile bike rides (over a number of days!) and then wore my merino top to work for the day with no washing. Since then I've ran a half marathon in it and done another 15mile bike ride + worn it out tonight. It needs awash now just because it's dirty- I must have put a good gallon or 2 of sweat through it and it still doesn't smell bad!
  • Cheers for all the advice guys!!! With regards to Merino Jerseys, what are you guys wearing?? The one that keeps popping up at the moment is the Endura Baabaa Tech Jersey for around 40 notes, has anyone got one of these to recommend? or can you recommend any other makes and models to check out???

  • I've got an endura baa baa and a Howies NBL. The Howies is better imo, although part of my reason is that my Endura is a bit on the small side (it was £20 in a sale). The baa baa feels a bit thinner but again, could be because it's on the small side and rather snug fit (stretched a bit)!

    NBL is quite expensive, I wouldn't pay full price and I cant see any with a half-zip around either (I prefer the half zip to a round neck). I wouldn't pay £50-60 for a round neck NBL but that's just my preference

    Washing my NBL now because it's very muddy. Still not smelly though after another ride this AM.
  • Just to let you guys know, i bought a bottle of Grangers 30oC Base Layer Wash, and it worked a treat. Highly recommended, smelly clothes are now odourless clothes!!
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    I use an Icebreaker Bodyfit Merino base layer with a nip up polar neck, overlaps my Buff to give a draft free snug fit.

    I often use it on my commute all week as it just doesn't get smelly!

    Bit more about it on my blog here http://www.lifecycler.co.uk/2009/09/icebreaker-bodyfit-baselayer.html
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    do you hang them up (clean)? or leave them in a draw/box/pile? seems to make a difference, particularly if there's a decent airflow. hanging to dry outside seems to make a pretty big difference too...
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  • I use embersmerino.com. V soft and great service from a UK company. Will be getting more.....
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    I hang mine up in the changing room at work and then again in the evening at home, this gives it a good airing!