Best £800-£1000 road bike?

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Hey, I'm looking to get my first road bike and have set myself a budget of £800-£1000.
The bike will be used for both short trips around town, and long rides. Also I am planning to do a tour next summer through france so would like to be able to take a small set a panniers.

So far I have looked at:

- Giant, Defy 2
- Specialized, Allez Elite
- Boardman, Team carbon/Team

I have had a test-ride of the Giant Defy 2, and was really impressed about how it felt, however; as I have never ridden a road bike before I'm not sure what I should be looking for.
The guy in the giant shop said that he had a "skinny" Rack on his bike which he recommended to me as it was less bulky.

What other bikes in this price range should I be looking at?

Also to help fund this I'm selling my mountain bike as I never ride it.

Cheers, Harry.


  • Anyone got a bike in this price range that they can really recommend?
  • Jimbo.
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    Try out as many bikes withn your budget as you can, and opt for whichever fits the best!
  • top_bhoy
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    What about considering a 2nd hand bike, build your fitness up, see out the winter, go the tour and if you are still comfortable with that, then look at spending a few more quid on a bike. You should get a more than decent bike for half of your proposed spend and still leave cash to spend on panniers, rack, etc. On the other hand, if you're determined to buy new, go to various dealers, have a look at what they have, try test rides and go with the one which will take a pannier rack and fits best.
  • Steve_b77
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    Have a hunt round for '09 bargains.

    I've just picked up a Raleigh Airlite U6 Race with full Ultegra within your budget
  • FOAD
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    Cannondale CAAD9 '09. Evans B'ham were selling one with Ultegra for less than a grand a month back, must be some bargains around now.

    Edit: Evans are doing the 2009 version with 105 for £999 so the above must have been a one of return or something. Still don't think you will get a better bike for a grand.
  • wombler
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    I got a Felt F75 this summer for GBP 900 - Evans price matched a web offer somewhere else. Very happy with it. Wasn't on my initial list but handled really nicely on test ride. 09 models still on sale at Evans I believe. The more bikes you try the better feel you will have for what you like.
  • Pross
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    A 2009 Trek 1.7 would fit the bill, can take a rack I believe - if you can still find one they should be around £900.