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Newbie can't decide what type of bike to start with

JerikoJeriko Posts: 14
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Hi, was wondering if you guys could give me some guidance as to what type of bike I should be checking out as I know nothing about them. I've set myself the goal of cycling through some European countries maybe in the middle of next year, and intend to spend the next 8 months or so building endurance, learning bike anatomy etc etc.

Anyway, I can't decide if I'd be better off getting a road or hybrid for my training. I'll be riding 4 times a week in and around Lancaster, so there'll be parts that are hilly, and of course there's winter conditions to consider. I don't know if my choice should take account of my ultimate goal of very long distance riding, or if I should just get anything with wheels and rack up the miles (I say this because I figure I'll buy a suitable touring bike prior to any trip, while for now I need something to adequately prepare myself). I'm really lost with it all. Ideally I'd like to stay under £300, but up to £400 would be OK if really necessary.

Any advice or model suggestions are very much appreciated. I'm eager to get cracking with this.


  • skyd0gskyd0g Posts: 2,540
    For your budget, I'd say a 2nd hand road bike would be the best bet, to get the miles in your legs. :D
    Cycling weakly
  • Hybrids have a more upright position that can help on really long distances, as well as slightly wider tires to cope with the weight of the panniers Im assuming you will have mounted....

    But, a road bike will generally get you from A to B in the shortest time. Im a Road bike convert so Im biased in my opinion.

    Im doing the same next year.. hoping to go through Denmark, a little bit of Sweden then the lovely flat Norway =)
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