Wearing ear plugs



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    ayjaycee wrote:
    You can buy little spoilers that fit on the straps to deflect wind around the ears. I think they're called cats ears or something. Try googling pussy flaps.

    Cheers DHL, that turned out to be one of my more rewarding afternoons on line (until the Mrs came home and caught me!)

    Sorry, i should have called and let you know she had left.
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    The wind noise level also depends on helmet. For example, Kask Protone is way, way quieter than my old Giro.
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    Sandyballs wrote:
    I take it no one has noticed this is a 9 year old thread?

    The OP has probably contracted some obscure ear condition and stopped riding by now.

    There's been an influx of old thread necromancy lately. Must be down to Google results or something.

    Still, if the new conversations still follow the original post them I guess it's better than random new threads everywhere.
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