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Vintage Condor help...

Little legsLittle legs Posts: 18
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My dad has a close to 50 year old Condor bike that he bought when he was about 20. It's the only bike he's ever owned and although he doesn't ride any more, he still fondly reminisces about all the day trips and long rides he went on.

It's my Dad's 70th birthday next year and I was wondering whether it would be possible to restore his pride and joy to its former glory as a present for him.

I've contacted Condor bikes already to see if they have any old brochures from about the right vintage to see if I could find the bike in question, but as yet I have not received a response back.

Does anybody out there know what the specification is likely to have been or the colour scheme for example? I don't have the full details of the bike to hand so I appreciate my request for information is pretty vague :oops: but can anybody point me in the right direction?

Thanks in anticipation...


  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    Try googling vintage Condor bicycles or some similar search. There are many vintage cycle sites that may have the info you need.
  • 4candles4candles Posts: 240
    They've got a very early frame in the shop... and they've introduced the older style transfers as well. Go and have a look in the shop.
  • StelliteStellite Posts: 544
    Try giving Mercian cycles a bell, they do loads of refurb jobs, and may have done a similar bike before
  • Aidy40Aidy40 Posts: 178
    Hi, i restored a condor track frame earlier this year, took it to Argos cycles in Bristol for enamalling and lug lining and the tranfers and headbadge were sourced from H. Lloyd cycles. Do you have a picture of your dads bike?
    Aidan Searle
  • Thanks for all the comments and suggestions; definitely a few things for me to follow up on...
    Aidy40 wrote:
    Do you have a picture of your dads bike?
    My parents are away at the moment and I can't get to the bike, but I'll try and post some pics in a couple of days..
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