£100 shoes?

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The missus has said she will get me some road shoes for Christmas and my budget is around the 100 quid mark , any suggestions?
I'm looking at a day shoe that's quite wide/soft sides as I have bunions!


  • gsk82
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    i paid 110 for mavic pro road the other week from evans. they aren't wide or soft but theyre bloody good. northwave are very wide fitting
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    Are those the ones with elastic ties on the bridge? quite like the look of those if they are.
  • chriskempton
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    Specialized Pro Road
  • FOAD
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    Specialized Pro Road

    Fpr £100 lol
  • chriskempton
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    FOAD wrote:
    Specialized Pro Road

    Fpr £100 lol

    Got 2 pairs last year for £70 a pair. The OP has til Xmas to wait for a bargain and everywhere will be selling off the 09 ones. No sweat.
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    Yeah.... early this year I picked up my white Specialized Pro Road ccheap too ....for £85 delivered off eBay new in box from a store. (I did know they were a perfect fit for me before I did it though, cos I'd never take a punt with a Shoe).

    (that even goes for different models in the same make ie. 43 Spesh Expert my toe hit the end but 43 Pro it was perfect ...as for different makes, shimano doesn't work for me, Mavic doesn't either, Sidi does, Northwave don't etc etc.... gotta try them and be fussy if you're gonna be peddling 1000s of miles a year in them).
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    Get out to some cycle shops & try some on for size. You'll be amazed at how much the fit varies from one manufacturer to the next. :!:

    ...you don't want to end up with a X*** bargain in the wrong size. :wink:
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    Sidi Genius 5.1 new off ebay for £90 would be my recommendation. There's at least one seller who has most sizes. Just make sure you know what size you need!