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Your max speed ?

Retro4300Retro4300 Posts: 114
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Just wondering what your max speed on a mtb is ?
Done 39mph using a 11x42 Ratio near Delamere Forest train station.


  • Done 68mph being towed to school by rs2000
    rideing more drinking less 2007 good year
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Hit 49 mph down Parbold Hill in West Lancashire on a MTB with 1.75 slick tyres and set off the speed cam. Fastest I have seen off road was 40 mph going down a smooth grassy field in the Yorkshire Dales slowing down before I splatted into the dry stone wall was interesting :shock:
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  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    It's not amazing, but I was quite satisfied with this run round the Marin trail with a buggered up knee. Average speed is woeful cause I couldn't get any power down on the climbs without being in agony.
    Didn't have any speedometer with me at Innerleithen, and I haven't done any DH this year due to my knee, so this is probably the fastest this year.
  • 31mph :) can't remember where but ive been cycling for a few weeks :) RT Tester
    north west of england.
  • EranuEranu Posts: 712
    41 MPH down Butser Hill, i think I could go faster but sheep, peds etc get in the way :)
  • rhyko7rhyko7 Posts: 781
    i did 47.9 mph down wentwood hill with skinny xc tyres, im sure i could get well over 50 if it was wider or i knew no cars were coming up the other way
    offroad the quickets ive been is 35mph at forrest of dean and brechfa, but both on quite smooth straight tracks
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  • 41.9 mph with nevegal stick e compound. cant wait to try that hill on a road bike.. well apart from the hair pin at the bottom : :shock:
  • 25mph on the SS (32x16 ratio)

    :lol: legs going like pistons!!!
    {insert smartarse comment here}
  • El CapitanoEl Capitano Posts: 13,671
    56mph drafting a HGV on an MTB. 72mph drafting a motorbike on a roadie.
  • rhannrhann Posts: 383
    44mph going downhill when I was 12-14 cant remember, hit about 42 on my current bike on the same hill but haven't quite got the confidence/madness back to do it, maybe once I've got a new fork, brakes and have had the bike serviced may hit 50.
  • 43 mph down Box Hill in Surrey, on my Orange 5. I started at the back of a group of 15 riders and got to the bottom first. I ran out of gearing at about 25mph and got the rest by gravity and a tucked aero position. I even had to manual a few rabbit holes!

    When I was a kid I remember getting up to some pretty naughty speeds down Garrowby Hill and Chop Gate bank in North Yorkshire. I never had a speedo then.
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  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    About 38mph on the road bike. Even that feels too fast. I may avoid entering the Tour de France next year.

    Also seen what happens when you fall off over 40ish. It usually involves death.
  • r3 guyr3 guy Posts: 229
    50.2mph on my cervelo r3, natural downhill, no drafting :shock:
  • SplottboySplottboy Posts: 4,208
    49.5 rpm in the N.East, mtb on road. Mate did 50+, but lost front of his new Shimano shoes putting foot down on "surprise" corner!
    Was it worth it? Hell yeah!
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,692
    Splottboy wrote:
    49.5 rpm
  • 50.9 mph on York Road near Blackburn, drops in a straight line for about a mile and half, just tuck up and hope for the best!!
    I want to come back as Niki Gudex's seat
  • jimwinjimwin Posts: 208
    51.9 mph down Pork Hill (off Dartmoor towards Tavistock). But on a road bike :)

    - JimW
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    56 mph twice - both on road bikes though - Kelsall Hill with a taily, and another time near Worlds End in Wales down a steep road that really wasnt suited for the speed.

    I thought I'd top that in the Alps - but didnt get anywhere close. :-(
  • 40 that i know of, then fell off. that was interesting.

    But i reckon i must have hit something near 50 on a hill in dalby. pedalling in top gear unitl no more power went down then gravity. my eyes couldnt keep up with what was going on. I feared for my life there.

    Go big or go home.
  • 54kph in my highest gear (84 gear inches) on the Alfine Pylon8 in recent times. ~45mph on my Principia RSL road bike, back in the late 90s
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  • chris_swchris_sw Posts: 100
    My fastest is 27mph (I think, long time ago), but the last time I had a cycle computer I was about 12. Took it off after I ended up hitting my neighbours fence at 20+mph because I was looking at my speed rather than the road :oops:

    Getting a new one soon for Christmas but I specifically asked that it has a max speed memory so I don't repeat my mistake :p
  • Surf-MattSurf-Matt Posts: 5,952
    Chris - same here! Once I get over 30ish, I get worried, even on the road bike.
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001

    42.9 Mph My fastest ever on knobblies. Did it on the road down from Hordern Stoops Winter Hill towards Rivington. Going to have a go on my hardtail with slicks to see if I can touch 50 Mph.
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  • approx 40mph on a hill near Moel Famau in NE Wales, with a huge tailwind. Ground was solid, and unusually NO SHEEP.
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  • I've topped 100kph on the road bike, local stuff (bigger hills elsewhere eg Alps but it really helps to know the road like the back of your hand!)
    . MTB - erm, no idea. Probably around 30kph. I'm not a downhiller ;)
  • colintravcolintrav Posts: 1,074
    How fast can you cycle away from a gang that is chasing you ... without panicking
  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    colintrav wrote:
    How fast can you cycle away from a gang that is chasing you ... without panicking

    Are they armed if so knives, machine guns or sam misiles. :lol:
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
  • 49.9mph years ago down a big hill in West Wales (on tarmac). Due to the bends in the road it wasn't possible to drive that fast! Always intended to go back & wait for cars to overtake, but never have ...yet.

    Off road, the fastest I've recorded has been 42mph, didn't always have a computer on the bike like now. I'd like to see some sections at trail centres that let you go for all out speed! Probably won't happen due to danger of injuries I guess. Natural trails are often faster, if you like speed.
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