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Watchmoor bike park

JCJCJCJC Posts: 162
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Any comments on this place? How experienced do you need to be? Is there enough there for a few hours play ? What is there ? Are there single track / downhill blast routes in the same area?

Many thanks


  • JCJCJCJC Posts: 162
    should have mentioned; this is the place near West Moors / Ringwood in Dorset.
  • afcbianafcbian Posts: 424
    This is in Ringwood Forest between Ringwood and Verwood.
    It is quite localised and is not really a full on bike park. The bike park section has quite a few North Shore style ramps, jumps, boardwalk type bits etc. I am not into this type of riding so cannot comment on the technical competence of the stuff there.
    However, the bike park is within the same forest as Moors Valley Country Park which has miles and miles of firetrack, single track, even a few hills, and one or 2 specific little technical routes which are quite fun.
    I ride this area every week as I live in Verwood and it is fine (better at night) The best way to enjoy it is to simply criss cross the forest and try to stay off the firetrack. There is an even bigger section of Forest the other side of the B3081 too, with far fewer people.
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  • JCJCJCJC Posts: 162
    Cheers. Is there any particular direction we should head in after we are don in the park ?
  • afcbianafcbian Posts: 424
    As you come off the A31 toward Verwood on the B3081pull in at the the 2nd Gravel car park on the left after you go into the trees and up a slight bendy hill.
    Take the fire track and bear left. You will find it.
    From Watchmoor Park take any of the major fire tracks heading east and you will see signs for the visitor centre in Moors Valley country Park. The facilities there can be found by looking on Google.
    When at the visitor centre take the firetrack which runs past the cycle hire place along the side of the golf course and keep an eye out on your right, you will see a gravel path with white rocks disappearing into the trees. Follow this.
    1st section leads straight across a path into the second section.
    As you come out of the 2nd section turn right and climb the firetrack until you see the 3rd section on your left. The 3rd leads directly onto the 4th and 5th sections all climbing slightly. It's good to do on the way down too. It's not exactly Afan but it's magic having it on my doorstep. I can be in the middle of the forest 3 minutes after leaving my front door.
    The best bet i find is to look on Google and click the satelite tab at the top then you can see all the main trails.
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  • JCJCJCJC Posts: 162
    Cheers. Isn't Moor Valley on the right of the road though? Or will we need to cross over the road at some point ? Also is is past Moors Valley, as if we then need to go east to get to Moors Valley, it would imply that it is.

    Many thanks again !
  • JCJCJCJC Posts: 162
    Ah, I think I get it now - I was on the wrong road (the one before called Horton road), although I imagine you have to head west rather then east ?
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