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LOST IN BRISTOL: Topeak saddel bag + contents!

leonlikestreesleonlikestrees Posts: 528
edited October 2009 in Commuting chat
Hi all,

I've lost somewhere between LEigh woods and aroudn Waitrose in Henleaze, a topeak saddle bag. In it there are some tyre levers, a Pro multi-tool, and an inner tube.

If anyone finds it, can they get in touch please?




  • PBoPBo Posts: 2,493
    sympathies - same happened to me. cost me about £50 to replace everything.

    did you have the clip on type? i use the velcro strap version now - takes longer to get on off, but not trusting the clip anymore....
  • yes, exactly that.

    I used it to replace one I had before that had a clip (Same sort) & velcro. I think the velcro around the seatpost just stabilised it enough to stop it ejecting. This model has only the clip, and off it's gone :-(
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