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Cracking Routes in Wales

stueyscottstueyscott Posts: 112
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I normally ride Cwm carn, Afan and Glyn coreg but for a change mysefl and 10 mates went up to North Wales for some fun around Coed Y Brenin.


Climax trial - Machynllyth (Dyfi Forest), average trail to start but both a technical rocky section and possibly one of the best last decents in Wales make this a fantastic ride if your in the area.


The Beast - Coed Y Brenin, truely awsome trail with something for everyone. The weather made this trail even more of a beast as we had 60mph winds and driving rain to contend with on teh tops. This trail never ceases to make me smile.


MBR trail - Coed Y Brenin, A personal favourite of mine. The best of the Beast in only 18km. Long flowing decents make this trail truely excellent.

I was riding my Boardman Pro FS, with Kenda Nevagal and blue groove tyres. Both the bike and the tyres perfomed brilliantly :-)


  • What grading are these.

    I like the sound of them all, but not sure of the severity of them. We are comfortable riding the red at Llandegla, so intrigued to find out if these are a step to far, or a realistic challenge..

  • Not sure what grading they are as I never bother to look :-) but three lads who rarely ride anything other than a commute to work all managed all three tracks without incident and with big smily faces.

    I would say you will be fine, get out there :-)
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    They're great trails, but are in a completely different league to llandegla.
    If I've been riding a lot at llandegla, and then go to Coed y Brenin, I nearly get caught out every time. In llandegla, you can ride anything absolutely flat out, but if you try this in Coedy, then there's a few places you would come a cropper, in a BIG way.
  • Thanks for the heads up.

    Don't worry I won't be riding anything flat out (unless I get a puncture!)..

    I am learning the ropes and know how far to push it. On a new route we'll take forever to get around first time, then learn from that and look to improve times from there.

    I guess it's much like skiing when the first few runs it's working out the best lines and how much speed you can carry, then it's a case of pushing the boundaries..
  • The best thing to do is try to follow some one.

    If you hear the squealing of brakes and then a scream then you know that the next bit needs some care, or if you hear no braking but lots of whooping then its an all out assault on what ever lays ahead :-)
  • sound advice.. :lol: Bit like when skiing a blind hill, if you hear screams of excitement go for it, if you see lots of snow being thrown up and ski's exiting stage left, you know to ski to the top and stop.. take a look, cr&p yourself, then prey...
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