Any pre-shred maintenance needed?!

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Hi; this is my first post so hello to everyone on the forum, looks great for the mb scene. I have just bought a new 2009 Felt Q 720 and wondered if anyone can give me any set up tips, upgrade advice, or anything i should look out for before I ride it?!

Also; I thought this bike looked a nice spec for the £545 i got it for, any opinions on this bike for an amateur getting back into the scene? I will be riding trails, and road, and some uphill/downhill offroad. Will try to stop any jumping lol and dropping in......or broken parts i suspect.

I got a 19.5 inch frame, am 6ft and have a 34" leg, does this sound about right?.... I was forced to buy online to save, can send back but am hoping this is ok as is for my old bike....but we're talking old. :P

Thanks for reading, any opions on those questions would be great!



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    ide check that all the bolts on the stem and seatpost are tight (15 NM ish if you have a torq wrench) and also make sure nothings wobbling like crank arm and check both wheels are running central and true. basically just double check the bike and make sure its been assembled correctly.

    I do not know about the bike but i do no that that sizing is spot on for your needs.

    enjoy :D
  • Thanks for the reply! Will check all bolts etc, and then give her a test ride, if anyone has any info about these bikes or has owned one for a while from new then would appreciate some feedback on what your opinions of the bike are; and what you have replaced on it, apart from the seat, which i think may have to go lol. :?
  • Bed your pads in properly!