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Is it just me or does anyone else think there would be enough customers to warrant a 'retro' bike magazine, given that all things retro are in and have been for some time, that more people are riding or taking up cycling,that the 'fixie' craze seems to be getting stronger as even the major players are now producing there own singlespeeds.
Also the VCC membership seems to keep growing, that there are many special interest/retro forums for all types of bikes it could be a winner?
It could cover all types of bikes road and mtb as these are now gaining popularity in the collecting/riding world.
What does anyone else think, there should be no shortage of contributors given the interest on certain forums/ websites!
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  • bagpusscp
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    Difficult one.I suppose it's like classic motor cycles/classic cars,limited market.
    I for one would buy it.
    As advertising pays for a lot towards keeping a publiciation going it may prove to costly.
    I think the internet is the may to go.
    A dedicated classic bike forum would be interesting,again cost comes into it.
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    My local whsmith has vintage everything - except bikes. Even vintage tractor fans have about 7 magazines! A vintage bike magazine is definately needed.
    Bikes, saddles and stuff

    More stuff:

    Gears - Obscuring the goodness of singlespeed
  • Brian, that was one of the forum/sites I was refering to, if it or something similar could be transferred to paper it would be great.
    Stickman thats what I thought.
    Whatever happened to the design classic feature in CP, come to think of it what happened to the ad page?
    being a reformed stuntdrinker allows pontification
  • lae
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    I'd buy it (I buy Retro Cars and I'm on Retro Bike and Retro Rides forums already!)
  • bagpusscp
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    All the adds go onto the classified section of bike radar.Again it is down to cost.Plus it is quicker and you can add pictures straight off .All in all much better and it is free.
  • Barteos
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    Why not going on Ebay and just buying some old bike mags and catalogues?
  • lae
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    Hehe! A nice idea, but reading a copy of a classic car magazine is a bit different to reading a copy of Autocar from 1976!