Chain skipping

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Have noticed recently that when pedaling quite hard,the chain is skipping over the chain ring a little.Have checked the rings for wear but seem ok,any ideas?


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    either you need a new chain or your gears nbeed adjusting
  • Sounds like a worn chain and/or chain ring (The teeth look like sharks teeth). If you use the bike a lot, ride in all weathers (i.e. commuting) or haven't changed the chain in the last 2years, thats most likely the cause.
    Possibly could be if you've crashed or laid the bike down on the gear side, you may have bent the hanger that your rear gear mech is attached to. If it's been doing for a long time, but you've only just started to notice it, then it could be the limit screws not letting the rear gear mech go as far as it should.
    Take it to your Local Bike Shop and get them to look at it.
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    Cheers for the help guys! Off to LBS.
  • same happened to me on my gt after a year. you need to replace chainrings and chain and probably cassette too!! thats what i had to do :cry:
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