'Chocolate Brownie'

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How do they seriously expect me, or anyone else, to vote for a man that can't even give an answer to, or decide, what his favourite biscuit is?

http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/p ... 880386.ece

Peter Mandelson - "Let's at least try and show a human face to the public. What's your favourite biscuit?

Gordon Brown - "Not sure. Phone Tony and ask him for me"

PM - (rolls his eyes) "Rich Tea?"

GB - No, they'll think I'm taking the p1ss about the recession"

- "Garibaldi?"

GB - "No, I don't want to be associated with Berlusconi thank you"

PM - "Penguin?"

GB - "No, it'll look bad when they all disappear due to global warming"

PM - "Choccy bisuit?"

GB - "Not a good idea. If I go for white chocolate I'll loose the ethnic minority vote, if I go for chocolate, I'll lose even more votes to the BNP"

PM - "Chocolate finger?"

GB - "No way. What about the gay's? Whoops sorry!"

PM - "Jammy dodger?"

GB - "Too many people unfairly claiming benefits"

PM - "Ginger nut?"

GB - "No way. It'll remind people of Hazel Blears"

PM - "Taxi?"

GB - "No, they emit too much CO2"

PM - "I didn't mean the biscuit. I'm going to call you one. You'll need it after the next election!!"
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