2006 Zipp 202

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Hello all, this is my first post at bikeradar. I just came over this add at ebay:


Are these genuine? If they are, is it a good offer?



  • hopper1
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    3yrs old.... Cracks! :shock:
    They're a nice wheelset, new, but I'd be very wary of buying cracked rims.
    They'll probably need a service straight away, which is more money...
    I wouldn't :roll:
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  • That's what I thought... Thanks.
  • gkerr4
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    there is no way i'd buy them for that sort of money - maybe half that but even then...

    ribble have campag eurus for £399 at the moment - that would get my money in the <£400 at the moment (and did so last year!)
  • Monty Dog
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    After you've paid £600+ for new rims, that's over a grand for a pair of used wheels! This gut is taking the proverbial - Zipps have a poor reputation for durability and this kinda just proves the point - you could buy a pair of new wheels from www.wheelsmith.co.uk with shallow carbon rims, Novatech hubs and CX-Ray spokes for £500
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    Avoid like William Hague.


    Avoid like the plague.