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Anyone who rides in haigh hall,wigan!

pikerpiker Posts: 353
edited October 2009 in Routes
A story in the local paper about someone with a dangerous grudge setting booby traps across trails used by mountain bikers.If you use haigh hall just be aware. ...


  • Mark909Mark909 Posts: 456
    Where abouts are the trails at haigh hall. Ive never been before but ive been looking for somewhere a bit closer to warrington than delemere or lee quarry.
  • pikerpiker Posts: 353
    They are not really trails as such just off road paths and short downhill sections,if you are expecting lee quarry or miles of singletrack trailcentre style you would be dissapointed,alright for adding to a longer ride though or for a quick blast.
  • compocompo Posts: 1,370
    theres some dodgy places on that ride i'll tell you!- its wigan ffs!
    theres also some bars about every 500m that are too high to bunnyhop over to stop cars :(
  • pikerpiker Posts: 353
    You would be a good driver to get a car down them trails and i havn't come across any bars either. :?
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