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Gears 'slipping...?'

gavedgaved Posts: 56
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I have had my bike since August, and have done 35 miles 3 times weekly on it with no dramas at all :D
However, last week I started to notice that when I was changing gears, the gears would take a long time to change, and some gears slip back down again, right when i'm just about to smash into a hill!!
Is this just because the cables are wearing in from new?? Is it something I can have a go at fixing my self or is it a case for the bike shop??
Sorry I sound like a little girl, but i'm new to all this!! :wink:
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  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    Has it had it's free service yet? If not then get it.

    Gear cables stretching, add 1/4 turn to the barrel adjuster to increase the tension a little bit. See if it's better and repeat.

    Park tools has a good how-to for indexing (setting up) gears.

    If you cannot get it peachy then have it serviced but ask the mechanic if they can show you how to do it.
  • brownboshbrownbosh Posts: 602
    Do it yourself dude. Suspend back wheel off floor,. Turn cranks with left hand, change gear with right. If it takes a little time to change do 1/4 turn on rear mech barrel adjustor and try again. The barrel adjustor moves the rear mech in towards the wheel and back out depending on which way you turn it and is used for fine tuning gear changes as cable stretched.
  • Check out u-tube there are stacks of how to clips... Either that or check this guy out BicycleTutor saved my pocket a few times
  • northstarnorthstar Posts: 407
    You could be changing gear too quickly
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  • gavedgaved Posts: 56
    Wow Thanks for that!!

    Looked on youtube and gonna have a bash at it my self :D
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