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Bikeability. Aimed at women?

merkinmerkin Posts: 452
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Am I the only person who thinks the bikeability website seems to assume that just because the mothers tend to be the ones who sign consent forms, that dads don't partake in cycling with their kids? :roll:
Out of interest, who takes your kids out most on their bikes?
Although my wife takes ours to school every day (she always walks and they take their bikes an average of once or twice a week), I am the one who taught them to ride, takes them out for bike rides every weekend and encourages them to enjoy cycling. Amongst other cycling families I know it is exclusively dads who take the kids out on bikes.
Sorry I don't know how to do a poll as I am new to this malarkey! :wink:


  • dsmiffdsmiff Posts: 741
    If we did it we'd be teaching them how to do wheelies, jumps and how if you pedal real quick you can pick up a tow from a car :wink:

    Yes I agree with the mum's stuff, I helped out in school a couple of times and got some strange looks. It's not only the Dad's that do cycling though, I do know quite a few cycling mum's although only a few, however I don't think this scheme is aimed at "keen" cyclist's - you've got GO-RIDE for that.
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