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What our wonderful parliamentarians get up to

CarKillerCarKiller Posts: 60
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We expect to hear stupid prejudices aired by under-educated and illiterate journalists like Clarkson, and morons like James Martin.

But don't we expect politicians to be more responsible? To understand the issues, and not allow populist idiocies and parochial prejudices to cloud their judgement?

Don't we want them to spend their taxpayer-funded time at Westminster seriously solving the problems of the day?

Well just read the "contributions" of the little prick David Curry to the Public Accounts Committee when it tackled the issue of cyclists's safety. ... 061002.htm

The fool should be deselected and ejected from Parliament for wasting public money sending him there.

I do really like the dignified way in which the chairman swatted him down, and kept his cool in the face of Curry's repeated, childish, obsessional interruptions.

Write to him via his website. I have. I just about managed to keep it polite.


  • Wallace1492Wallace1492 Posts: 3,707
    "Encyclopaedia is a fetish for very small bicycles"
  • haha!

    "What is your view of these flat bikes, bikes which are parallel to the ground where the cyclist lies back on them with his feet above his head? Do you think they are safe, according to some Health & Safety Executive rule, in that they are likely to go sliding under a lorry or under a dog's nose? "
  • hansard eh, don't you just love it

    Q84 Keith Hill: This has been a rather cathartic session so far and I am almost embarrassed in reverting to the somewhat low-key topic of data on road casualties. The only thing I would caution my colleagues is that they can now expect, if any of these observations are broadcast, an avalanche of hate-mail. I remember once referring to cyclists as "hooligans on wheels" and I have never had such a large mailbag as a result of that. However, it was of course in the columns of London Cyclist, so I suppose it was a rather obvious provocation.
  • il_principeil_principe Posts: 9,152
    CarKiller wrote:
    We expect to hear stupid prejudices aired by under-educated and illiterate journalists like Clarkson

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  • Yes.


    You're very tiring.
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