My Coast to Coast experience


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    Nice story Stuart - thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed reading it. :D
    Cycling weakly
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    cheers... quite proud of the achievement and funny enough the article
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    Good work Stuart. Both on the ride and the article. That brought back some good memories of when we did the ride a couple of years back. Funnily enough we have a similar photo so the sign at Hartside and also made comments about how it isn't really 'all downhill from here' although it darn well looks like it on the map.
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    A nice account, refreshingly free of the "oh the struggle, the inhuman pain" schtick which many feel they must stress to readers. It made me want to ride in the Lake District. Thanks.
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    Glad you liked it Balthazar... I must confess when I started the ride and the first day seemed to be going fine I was thinking about what I might write and apart from changes in surface I couldn't imagine what else I'd say... then everything else happened and it wrote itself... I used to writing about bands and singers - so cycling is a new territory for me
  • A really good account of the trip and rotten luck with the mechanical problems.

    The climb to Parkhead Station goes past my front door and I watch hundreds of people heading up that way every year. Do they still have a board at the cafe where people list times from the Grey Bull pub at the bottom? The local kids here used to challenge one another. I always feel a bit for the people going past my window - it's a hard climb (or a long walk in some cases!). The start to day 3 from Rookhope is a bit of a brute. My Sunday morning ride usually takes me from Stanhope to Rookhope, so I see plenty of people setting off from there and struggling up the first hill of the day pretty much straight from the breakfast table and I know, which they usually don't, that Parkhead is still to come.
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    Great story - you may have inspired me to start planning another 1-day epic, might have difficulty convincing my friends that it is a good idea!
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    stabilised wrote:
    A really good account of the trip and rotten luck with the mechanical problems.
    The mechanical problems really put my lack of bicycle know how in the dustbin
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    Well down mate good story well told a pity about the mechanicals though as they say that is a part of cycling. I have always fancied having a go at the C2C did Lands End to JOG a few years ago and Mizen Head to Malin head in Ireland the next year but never found the time for that one though i often get guys at the work asking me to do it with them maybe next year ill have a go at it after reading your account.

    Gasping - but somehow still alive !
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    Excellent write up. Me and a colleague are doing this run next spring, you've saved me loads of time i now know what gear I'll need ...........(10 inner tuber should do it!!1)
    Dave :wink:
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    Great read, thanks for posting. That Lake District weather can be an absolute sod! Could you do it again next week to give me another good read next Friday? Cheers...
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    Lake district weather......If you don't like it wait 10 mins and it will have changed!!
    Dave :wink:
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    LOL... you made laugh
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    Well done on your C2C and thank you for posting a great write up - inspiring and helpful for others who maybe thinking of doing it themselves.
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    never thought of it as inspiring - I was just showing off with the article... everyone's positive comments has made me smile and kept my eye on the next cycling feat

    although my left shoulder is still knackered... my second crash out in 12 months - smashed my face into the road in Dec 2008

    I certainly have less road confidence than I did 18 months ago

    Note to self - no more crashes

    Thank you