Spesh Clutch SX

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to save me trawling the internet, any know the cheapest place to buy a pair of these tyres, seen them for £22.50 in most shops

thanks in advance

Paul T


  • jairaj
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  • thats a damn good tool, thanks

    Next question is, will the 2.3's be a bit to tight on my 09 stumpy.

    any one had and experiance

  • jairaj
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    IME Specialized tyres usually come out big for there size. What have you got now and whats the clearance like?
  • quake7.2
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    you have mail.
  • just to update this thread, went for the 2.3 clutch sx on the front and a spesh 2.2 purgotory on the back,

    been for a couple of muddy, gloopy rides and this combination seems to work a treat for me, even had one of those fast sketchy moments when i though i was coming off and the clutch just seemed to stick, I even took a moment after to congratulate the tyre for saving me from a painfull finish to the day!! (Sad i know)