Newbie question - SPD shoes

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Hi all

Just got myself a cheap of SPD shoes so I can give them a go without breaking the bank but just wondered why they came supplied with studs for the front?

What are they for?

Sorry for the silly q



  • NDawn
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    I think, feel free to correct me, that they are there basically for extra traction/bite into say muddy/slippery ground due to the fact that with the cleat a good % of the normal grip is removed from the shoe.
  • 964rh
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    Thought it may be something like that

  • jweston
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    If you ride on rocky ground a lot you might want to leave them off as they can prove more slippery.
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  • ride_whenever
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    It's for climbing really slippery slopes off-road, usually only necessary for winter xc racing where you simpler cannot get up a short boggy section, the extra toe grip is a god-send!
  • compo
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    Another question about SPDs - silly to start another thread :)

    When I buy the shoe - will I be able to clip it into the pedal straight away or will I need anything else?
    Also, to SPD shoes work eith only SPD pedals or any type of clipless pedal?

    Cheers :D
  • 964rh
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    My pedals (m520 shimano's) came with cleats that screw to the bottom of the shoe. If you've got these you'll be fine.
    I don't think any shoes come with cleats but I may be wrong?!?
  • diy
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    If you buy a really cheap set of shoes (e.g. LIDL types for <20 quid) then it is worth buying a shimano cleat separately, as the plates in the cheap shoes don't come with very good threads and bolts, so you will strip them fairly quickly.

    I would also go for multi-release as this enables you to pull your foot out easier..
    See: ... elID=10969

    Personally I wouldn't economise on the cleats, bolts and plates, because the last thing you want is the bolt coming out leaving your foot locked in when you try to release it. I've had a pretty major fall doing this.
  • joec1
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    Agree wit hte M520's, i bought em for £20 online and am well pleased with them.

    am slowly getting ot grips with them but heaps better than i had imagined.

    balance at slow speed will take some time but cycle effort is great... i feel like i can power on for longer uphills without feeling like giving up.

    Good investment. the M520s come with the clip for the bottom of the shoes.

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  • The Rookie
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    M520's here as well, don't pay more than £20 delivered (Merlin cycles for example).

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