Mad Assos Sizing

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What is it with Assos sizing?

Their chart says for my height i should be a Large but my chest size says Small.

I took a chance and ordered both the Winter LL Tights and Airjack 851 Jacket in Large. The jacket is out of stock but today i received the Tights from Wiggle and my god were they tight.

It looks likes i need to try the Extra Large except no one has stock :evil:

If they were a £50 pair i could maybe live with them but at £200 they better fit like a bloody glove


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    How much :shock:
  • Chip \'oyler
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    'Mad Assos Sizing'

    Didn't they do a Peel Session?
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    NWLondoner wrote:
    What is it with Assos Pricing?

    fixed that for ya
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    yep same with the assos s5 winter ll bibtights, they are an athletic fit, i went for the large and it was tight, i guess pun intended, but thankfully i dont have much of a gut so it fitted good. hope gaint mancp doesnt see this. i wasnt happy with my assos uno s/l jersey lack of fitting but in the end i decided to make do. probably if i wanted a skin hugging jersey i should have bought a compression type one :lol: