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Lammermuir Hills East Lothian

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First attempt at using Bikehike so go easy. :lol:

Anyone else know of any good routes in East Lothian , Ive done most of the local Pencaitland , Butterdean stuff and the route below in the Lammermuirs but would love to find a few hidden gems..


  • Theres a nice wee route through Pressmennan woods, just SW of stenton. Not too long but fun for a quick blast. You could even do it twice! :D
  • Hi,
    Last May my brother (who lives in Haddington) and I did two half day rides (approx 13 miles each) in this area. 1st one was out of Gifford to Longyester, then to the west of where you were, good track up onto Lammer Law. Splendid views of E Lothian and Firth of Forth, Bass Rock and N Berwick Law, also across to Hopes Res, which you passed. Then along the high ground southwards and down a super gravel downhill, through a water splash and to Hopes Res, around to S and E of Hopes Res then, then thro West Hopes and East Hopes back to Longyester, and Gifford on the road.
    2nd day was from near Whiteadder Res at Cranshaw Smiddy thro Bothwell and up onto the new windfarm north of Spartleton. After fooling around finding our way, with the foreman's agreement! (problem being so much construction work was going on we had some difficulty locating the tracks shown on the map) we descended down the Herring Road back to Whiteadder. Not as good as the first day though. We are planning one or two full day rides in this area later this year, one of them probably from near Longformacus to Gifford. Other yet to be decided. My problem is I just live too far away from this lovely area.
  • Old miller Ive done Pressmennan which is good but kinda over grown now with loads of overhead branches .

    Wooden leg Oll take your advice and have a blast on the ones you mentioned . Theres a guy on youtube called Coastkid71 who has made some cracking videos of East Lothian routes his latest one has Whiteadder in the snow and looks good. I went out the other day through Butterdean wood which is local and was brilliant fun in the snow . Great area for biking and so close to glentress , Inners and the pentlands.
  • Yeah, Coastkid71 has done loadsa stuff. been biking with him down at glentress, hes damn good. Been on a wee circuit today. starting off at Haddington and heading along the old A1 towards East Linton until I reached the 1st left that takes you up to the top of garleton hills then head west untill you reach the camptown road then head back towards haddington until you reach the wodden fence/entrance on the left that then takes you down a fast wee strip of woods. This is a dog walkers path so watch out for pooches, or just jump them. quite a bit of pedalling but great to get the lungs working.
  • I did a wee trip from Tranent to Haddington stopping in by the Garleston hills then to Aberlady then back along the coast and home to Tranent last Thursday. Was a decent cycle but couldn't find anything of interest in the Garleston hills. Cant wait till things dry up a wee bit to get back down to GT , Pentlands and Lammermuirs.
  • Hi there guys, i run a page facebook for local trails in east Lothian its call freeride scotland.

    thanks folks.
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