Cadence Computers on Spining Bikes?

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First posting, so go easy......

Due to an injury which has limited much of my road riding, I've bought a second hand spinning bike. I've been meaning to buy a bike computer a little more upscale than the 'Billy Basic' one I have at present.

Does anyone have any recommendations of a (preferably wireless) bike computer which will give cadence information, which I could use on both my road bike and spinning bike? All the cadence computers I've found seem to all require a fixing to the rear wheel in some way shape or form, however clearly on the spinning bike this is not going to work. If I can get one to do both bikes, I'll be very pleased.

Hope someone can help, and if I've posted in the wrong place, apologies.



  • Monty Dog
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    Cateye Astrale has a wired cadence sensor, but you'll probably need some ingenuity in order to fix it to your bike - if you buy 2 mount kits, you can then use it on both bikes.
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    Obviously the speed sensor on a speed/cadence computer will be redundant on the spin bike so why not get a cheap or s/h computer for it. Fix magnet/sensor to crank, set wheel size to 1667 if set to measure km/h or 2689 for mph. The display shows cadence divided by ten so 95rpm is shown as 9.5 kph. For this to work best the display has to show 1/10ths.